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Weight Training The

Weight Training The NOHrD WeightWorkx comes in ash, oak and walnut models, displaying all the characteristics one looks for in wood manufacturing: sturdiness, pliability and durability. The WeightWorkx fitness station delivers classic cable weight training in an aesthetically beautiful wood & leather design. Use the WeightWorkx for building muscle with eccentric training, allowing your muscles to support more weight in the eccentric, “contractingwhile-lengthening” phase of exercise. Modern studies show that eccentric exercise is one of the most efficient ways to build strength and muscle and prevent injury. Take squat or pull-up exercises for an example: the challenge does not only lie in pushing your legs back up or pulling your chin up to the bar, but also in the ‘lowering’ phase. This is how you will train on the WeightWorkx! Available in DoubleWorkx model for tandem training. Integrated seat and exercise bench for extended workout. Free-standing machine, no additional wall or ceiling fixture necessary. 78

Functional in Every Detail The rungs provide the user with multiple grip positions for coordnation and stretching exercises. The machine’s four feet are individually adjustable for a solid stand on all floorings, with the underside rubberized for floor protection. For cable training simply open the overhead arm. The top pulley is positioned horizontally, while the lower cable is led through a swiveling pulley, enabling smooth gliding exercise to the side. The bench seat can be adjusted to two positions with an iron peg, which is inserted through the corresponding holes in the wooden frame. The exercise bench can be easily removed from the WaterWorkx frame and hung into four different positions. The feet are set at the push of a button and click into place. Each WeightWorkx comes with an owner‘s manual featuring approx. 100 exercises, specifically pertaining to this fitness station. It can be hung into the rungs for easy viewing at eye-level. Select exercises for individual muscle groups and/or combined- your arms, legs, abs and glutes will get toned according to your goals, while your back and other joints will gain resilience and mobility. The owner‘s manual contains a multitude of exercises for each body zone. 79