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WRNOHrD Expanded Brochure

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NOHrD Eau-Me Board The

NOHrD Eau-Me Board The Eau-Me Board is a new-generation balance board boasting a patented combination of classic balance training with the element of water. Balance boards are suitable for all ages and, if used regularly, will enhance fitness and balance while always remaining easy on the joints – in the home, office or studio. Put simply, the Eau-Me Board is all about balance, challenging the user with a constantly unsteady, shifting base – thus, forcing the body to react with each tilt. The user’s compensatory moves engage the deep muscular system while the body responds to continual impulses. The main difference to conventional balance boards is the Eau-Me Board’s use of water. Water follows its own will, thus, working against you. The result: water flow shifts direction with each move of the user. No regular patterns can be practiced or memorized – the body is triggered into immediate reaction to the water’s apparently arbitrary stimuli. The Eau-Me Board is available in various kinds of wood. Engage deep musculature while trying to keep your balance. Up the challenge by adding and combining exercises e.g. free-weights with squats. 72 73