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WRNOHrD Expanded Brochure

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NOHrD Wall: Superior

NOHrD Wall: Superior Fitness System Introducing our complete exercise wall with an integrated, virtual training system and up to 5 freely combinable modules, for short, high-intensity interval training, with a combination of different functional training workouts. The NOHrD Wall is a luxury, allin-one fitness system for limited available spaces. In keeping with today’s trend toward functional designs for organized spaces, this ultimate exercise station is designed to meet your highest demands in terms of workout variety and aesthetic appeal. Designed as an entire fitness solution, the NOHrD wall is suitable for the home gym, health clubs and personal training studios. The NOHrD Wall further proves to be a choice selection for hotels, looking to offer exclusive, in-room exercise options for their guests. The main unit features the virtual training system with an interactive digital Coach, combining all NOHrD Wall modules and leading the user through pre-configured workouts. Users can select from interval or functional-training workouts, as well as desired training time and intensity level. A digital coach leads you through your workout. Each exercise is in video format. Efficient full-body exercise with cable machines based on weight stack or eddy current brake resistance. NOHrD WallBars is further available as a module. NOHrD SwingBells set included to complete your exercise program. Store directly on ready-made module fixtures. 68

The Modules Module 1: Cable Machine / Weight Plates The NOHrD Wall cable weight unit comes in a brushed-steel-look encasement (robust MDF) for the weight stack. The cable ratio is 3:1, decreasing the weight of the stack by 2/3 and guaranteeing a smooth pull with minimal wear. Module 2: Main Frame The main frame module is the heart of the NOHrD Wall fitness system, consisting of a 22” touchscreen and the rack section for the SwingBells. A minibar and/or drawers can be integrated and ordered separately for this module. Module 3: Cable Machine / NOHrD Ski Our ski ergometer cable machine consists of a unique eddy current brake system with a disc resistance setting for strength and endurance training. Module 4: WallBars The WallBars Module holds up to 14 bars depending on the chosen overall height, and can be selected in any width between 60-80 cm. This module is a favorite for body weight and stretching exercise. Module : Shelves & Storage The shelf module can be manufactured in any width from 32–80 cm. This module is ideal for meeting space-specific width requirements. a 1 2 3 4 5 b Technical Details: Module 1: width 32.3 cm Module 2: width 56.3 cm Module 3: width 32.3 cm Module 4: width 60-80 cm Module 5: width 50-80 cm Side rails (a+b): width 1.9 cm Height: min. 220 cm - 240 cm 1. Cable Machine / Weight Plates Model Order No. Ash 20111 Oak 20101 Club 20121 Cherry 20131 Walnut 20141 2. Main Frame / SwingBells (2, 4, 6, 8 kg) incl. Model Order No. Ash 20110 Oak 20100 Club 20120 Cherry 20130 Walnut 20140 3. Cable Machine / NOHrD Ski Model Order No. Ash 20112 Oak 20102 Club 20122 Cherry 20132 Walnut 20142 4. WallBars Model Order No. Ash 20114 Oak 20104 Club 20124 Cherry 20134 Walnut 20144 5. Shelves Model Order No. Ash 20113 Oak 20103 Club 20123 Cherry 20133 Walnut 20143 6. Accessories Model Order No. Mini Bar 20200 Drawer 20201 Assembly costs can be requested separately. 69