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HaptikBall Handheld,

HaptikBall Handheld, Weighted Fitness Ball Available in different sizes 54

Genuine Leather / Hand-stitched For squeezing, holding, lifting, throwing, swinging – or simple horsing around: the NOHrD HaptikBall is a handheld, weighted fitness ball, designed to work your hand, forearm and connective tissue. Hand strength tends peak in our 30s and decrease as we age. Developing and maintaining grip strength is important - not just for optimizing regular workout sessions, but for supporting our all-day use of our hands. Muscles required for gripping run along the forearm, through to the wrists, hands and fingers. Incorporating some HaptikBall action into your exercise routine will promote muscle endurance, while keeping your forearms and hands strong – even the simplest HaptikBall moves can be highly effective. The HaptikBall comes in a range of weights to add variety to your exercise routine. Beyond mere strength training, you can expect to improve balance and coordination, while also having fun and reducing stress while the ball is “in play”! The NOHrD HaptikBall is filled with iron granules for malleability and an easy grip. Toss, squeeze, lift, hold or juggle- enjoy a huge variety of moves! Each HaptikBall is oiled with beeswax for protection against sweat and moisture. Models Order No. 300 g 17100 650 g 17103 1250 g 17101 2100 g 17102 Technical Details Weights: 300 g, 650 g, 1250 g, 2100 g Diameter 300 g: approx. 6 cm Diameter 650 g: approx. 7 cm Diameter 1250 g: approx. 8 cm Diameter 2100 g: approx. 10 cm The HaptikBall is packaged in a fitted cardboard box. 55