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WaterRower NOHrD Brochure

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Fusing state of the art

Fusing state of the art technology with a sleek, minimal aesthetic. NOHrD Bike The newest product in the range. The Bike has been a passion project for the NOHrD design team since its inception in early 2015. Driven by a mission to create the world’s most advanced indoor cycle, fusing state of the art technology with a sleek, minimal aesthetic. Featuring advanced planetary gear technology using an eddy break current, the NOHrD Bike pedal action is smooth and precise. Resistance is infinitely variable to suit different fitness levels and desired workout intensities. Cyclists will appreciate the option of being able to train in either an upright or racing position. Seat and handlebar location can be adjusted to suit users of different size and preference. As with the WaterRower, the NOHrD Bike has been designed to fit seamlessly into any interior environment. Available in the full range of sustainable hardwoods, the NOHrD Bike has a footprint of just 0.44 square meters. Wear-free breaking technology, solid wood, and steel frame ensure durability; the NOHrD Bike is equally suited for use in a commercial fitness environment or home gym.