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WRNOHrD Expanded Brochure

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Ultimate Rowing Rowing

Ultimate Rowing Rowing ranks among the most efficient sports in terms of conditioning strength and endurance, by spreading work over a wide range of muscles. A well-performed rowing stroke will engage 84% of the body’s muscle mass- from your hands holding onto oars, to your feet pushing off in the boat, and all the muscles in between. The WaterRower is unrivaled in benefits derived per unit of time. Training on other common aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills, cycles or ellipticals utilize far less muscle mass and burn fewer calories, generating less overall exercise benefits. Rowing promotes functional muscle fitness. Users will experience enhanced muscle durability, resilience and performance, all contributing to optimal body posture. Rowing is the best exercise for arthritis, moving the joints through a full range of motion with minimal impact and body weight on the joints. Rowing machine exercise is a guaranteed balance of strength and endurance demands on the body, making it the perfect workout for today’s busy schedules. Users will further be invigorated by the WaterRower’s unique blend of wood, moving water and rhythm experienced with each stroke. Sensory satisfaction guaranteed! Low impact: friendly on the joints, thanks to rowing’s fluid stroke motion. A rowing workout delivers a perfect balance of strength and endurance stimuli. The rowing stroke uses 84% of the body’s muscle mass: works arms, shoulders, back, legs, abs and glutes. 8 www.nohrd.com

New: Performance Ergometer The new WaterRower model “Performance Ergometer” is a specially designed WaterRower model in oak, featuring the built-in SmartRow instead of the S4-Monitor. The Performance Ergometer further includes the XL-Rails, a special footboard with professional footstraps, a wider, easy-grip handle and the WaterRower SmartRow phone and tablet holder (140 – 206 mm). SmartRow allows you to track your exercise data with even more precision – directly on your Smartphone. During rowing, your strength input is converted into a measurable unit, rendering your training sessions and results 100% comparable between each WaterRower machine – regardless of the tank’s water level. After your workout, SmartRow will display an overview of the following data: time, distance, stroke number, calories and average performance in Watt / kg. Heart rate can also be monitored and displayed. A further popular feature of the SmartRow is the “Pacer” which allows you to pre-select a speed – or pace- against which you want to row. Performance data can be shared via WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook or E-Mail. Apple Health and Strava connections are also possible. The WaterRower Performance Ergometer’s footboard was inspired in design by the original WaterRower models from 1988. Tablet view: clear display of heart and stroke rates. Various interfaces provide optimal performance overview during your rowing workout. “Pacer” mode allows you to row against a computer opponent. www.my-nohrd.com 9

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