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WRNOHrD Expanded Brochure

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Highest Quality

Highest Quality Materials 62 sound and impact absorbing laminated wood slats guarantee a nearly noiseless running experience. Enjoy a natural, forest running feel, thanks to the absorbent natural rubber, layered between slats and belt. The natural linoleum, laminated wood slats guarantee anti-slip self-propulsion, even with a wet surface. The powder-coated, black handlebar elegantly accents the Sprintbok’s curved design, for a steady grip when required. The handlebar features the monitor screen at the top, with all cables and electronic engineering stored safely on the inside of the rails. The Sprintbok engages your running musculature much more intensely than traditional treadmills. The user’s continuous, self-determined energy, used to power the treadmill, builds running muscles faster. The weighted, spaced belt and slats provide the perfect, natural running momentum, thanks to the combination of industrial high-quality ball bearings and milled precision rolls which guarantee it’s quiet sound when in use. 36 www.nohrd.com

Sprintbok Training The principle of the motorless Sprintbok treadmill is based on the runner’s foot effectively pushing the slat belt backwards at the strike point. The curved belt surface, featuring vertical and horizontal contours, enhances the downward and backward pulling of the belt – ideal for a more natural pace. Once the foot strikes, the runner’s bodyweight contributes to pushing the treadmill belt downwards and backwards. The foot’s point of contact is always slightly in front of the body’s center of gravity. The high-quality, ball bearing mounted running slats reduce horizontal friction during the strike phase. Less friction when the foot strikes, encourages more muscle engagement. Easy, intuitive familiarization: start with a simple walk to get a feel for self-powering the treadmill. Once you find your balance at a walk pace, the transition to a comfortable jog is easy. Picking up speed: shifting your body’s center of gravity slightly forward, while running more forward, “into” the curve will increase the running pace. Train for speed: the Sprintbok instantly reacts to the user’s speed increase. The flexible slats ensure minimal strain on the joints. www.my-nohrd.com 37

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