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WRNOHrD Expanded Brochure

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NOHrD Bike Accessories

NOHrD Bike Accessories COMFORT-SADDLE Recommended for a cushioned, more comfortable seat, also for longer recreational rides. 22205 BROOKS-SADDLE Top of the line saddle by Brooks – ideal for long-distance, athletic rides. High-quality, hand-stitched genuine leather. 22202 CLIPLESS PEDALS Ideal for the racing cyclist. 22227 TOE CLIPS Add-on for standard NOHrD Bike pedals for better traction during high intensity cycling. Use instead of clipless pedals. 22200 BOTTLE HOLDER Fits seamlessly into the bike’s design, suitable for standard bike bottles. Easy to mount. 22201 WATER BOTTLE Ideal for all workouts: the NOHrD water bottle, fits into bottle holder accessory. Lightweight and safe with sport cap. 22207 USB EXTENSION CABLE 3.0 M For frequent workouts and long-distance rides: the USB extension cable connects the NOHrD Bike directly to a power outlet. 22209 LAPTOP SUPPORT TRAY Looking for relief from your office chair? The laptop tray converts your NOHrD Bike into a practical workstation! Ash 22210 Oak 22214 Shadow 22215 Club 22211 Cherry 22212 Walnut 22213 BACK SUPPORT Optional saddle extension, especially suitable for use with the laptop support tray. 22204 22 www.nohrd.com

NOHrD Bike Models Ash Club Oak Shadow Cherry Walnut Model Order No. Ash 22100 Ash Pro 22120 Club 22101 Club Pro 22121 Oak 22104 Oak Pro 22124 Model Order No. Shadow 22105 Shadow Pro 22125 Cherry 22102 Cherry Pro 22122 Walnut 22103 Walnut Pro 22123 Included accessories: owner’s manual, power bank N.B.: All NOHrD Bike models come equipped with black platform pedals (not as featured in above images) www.my-nohrd.com 23

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