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WaterRower Spec Sheets

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WaterRower Models Oak Performance Ergometer Ash A1 Club S1 Shadow M1 LoRise Cherry M1 HiRise Walnut Model Order No. Oak 10107 Ash 10100 Club 10103 Shadow 10105 Cherry 10106 Walnut 10108 Model Order No. Performance Ergometer 10108 A1 10113 S1 Stainless Steel 10110 M1 LoRise 10111 M1 HiRise 10112 „Made in the US“

WaterRower Accessories ANT+ HEART RATE MONITORING KIT Digitally coded 2.4 Ghz connection for heart rate monitoring. The S4 Performance Monitor is extended by a connector for wireless reception from the coupled transmitter (chest strap). 10306 POLAR CHEST STRAP The chest strap (heart rate transmitter) sends your data to the heart rate receiver or compatible watch. 10307 POLAR HEART RATE RECEIVER Connects by cable to the WaterRower Performance Monitor. Transmits received data to the S4 Monitor. 10305 BLUETOOTH & ANT+ CHEST BELT The WaterRower Digital (Chest Belt) Heart Rate Transmitter uses state of the art ANT+ wireless technology to communicate with the Digital Receiver (required item not included, see Accessories). 10318 SMARTPHONE / TABLET HOLDER The Smartphone/Tablet Holder is mounted and fastened tight onto the WaterRower frame. Can be closed flat when not in use. Smartphone-bracket included. 10236 (Oak) 10231 (Ash) 10232 (Club) 10233 (Cherry) 10234 (Walnut) 10237 (Shadow) MEDIUM / LARGE TABLET HOLDER INSERT Designed to hold medium sized tablets or smartphones for the tablet arm. The rear side is fitted with a screw thread for fastening the insert to the tablet holder. A spring mechanism allows for easy adjusting to tablet/smartphone size. 140 - 206 mm 10229 164 - 242 mm 10230 LAPTOP STAND Laptop stand made of wood, fits on the WaterRower top deck. Safety ridge protects laptop from slipping. Suitable for laptops up to 17“ and tablets up to max. width of 24 cm. Dimensions in cm: 38 x 28 x 22 10217 (Oak) 10212 (Ash) 10213 (Club) 10214 (Cherry) 10215 (Walnut) 10224 (Shadow) HIRISE-ADAPTER The HiRise-Adapter increases sitting height by 20 cm, making standing up from/sitting down on machine more comfortable. 10219 (Oak) 10206 (Ash) 10208 (Club / Shadow) 10209 (Cherry) 10210 (Walnut) XL-RAILS All WaterRower models available in XL-version, suitable for users 6‘5“ and taller (2m). XL rails can also be combined with the HiRise Adapter. Available only as a surcharge to WaterRower models. 10218 (Oak) 10200 (Ash) 10202 (Club) 10203 (Cherry) 10204 (Walnut) 10225 (Shadow)

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