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WaterRower Spec Sheets

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Water Resistance

Water Resistance Perfection WaterRower rowing machines have been manufactured with utmost care and attention to detail for more than 30 years, standing for highquality design in the home, workplace or fitness studio. All WaterRower models are made of select, high-grade materials and assembled by hand to ensure customer satisfaction. The WaterRower’s patented water tank and unique WaterFlywheel design implement a specially formed paddle to cup the moving water, producing unrivalled simulation of rowing with its inherent benefits of a highly effective, full-body and “joint-friendly” workout. Post-workout, the WaterRower can be easily stood upright for storing. Advantages of water resistance: - no jerkiness or jarring, reduces risk of injury - water is smooth and even - works the muscle groups in proportion to their strength The beauty of water resistance: automatically adjusts to user’s strength input. Easy upright storing: no wider than a dining room chair. S4 Performance Monitor with USB port: compatible with rowing software “We-Row”.

Ultimate Rowing Rowing ranks among the most efficient sports in terms of conditioning strength and endurance, by spreading work over a wide range of muscles. A well-performed rowing stroke will engage 84% of the body’s muscle mass- from your hands holding onto oars, to your feet pushing off in the boat, and all the muscles in between. The WaterRower is unrivaled in benefits derived per unit of time. Training on other common aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills, cycles or ellipticals utilize far less muscle mass and burn fewer calories, generating less overall exercise benefits. Rowing promotes functional muscle fitness. Users will experience enhanced muscle durability, resilience and performance, all contributing to optimal body posture. Rowing is the best exercise for arthritis, moving the joints through a full range of motion with minimal impact and body weight on the joints. Rowing machine exercise is a guaranteed balance of strength and endurance demands on the body, making it the perfect workout for today’s busy schedules. Users will further be invigorated by the WaterRower’s unique blend of wood, moving water and rhythm experienced with each stroke. Sensory satisfaction guaranteed! Low impact: friendly on the joints, thanks to rowing’s fluid stroke motion. A rowing workout delivers a perfect balance of strength and endurance stimuli. The rowing stroke uses 84% of the body’s muscle mass: works arms, shoulders, back, legs, abs and glutes.

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