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Waterrower NOHrD Hospitality Brochure

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The Eau Me Board The

The Eau Me Board The patented Eau-Me Board is a new-generation of balance board. The innovative design incorporates a water-filled tank that reacts against the user’s movement providing an extra dimension to core stability training. The Eau-Me Board serves to improve the effectiveness of training exercises such as squats, sit-ups, lunges, and push-ups. Performing these exercises on the balance board encourages the body to use its stabilising muscles to maintain balance during each movement, thus increasing coordination and core strength. Large muscle groups are also challenged more significantly when exercised on an unstable platform. The Eau-Me Board is suitable for anyone from elite athlete to complete beginner. In conventional fitness training the body’s core stabilising muscles are seldom used adequately. This can lead to discomfort and injury as larger muscles groups are worked disproportionately. Building strength in core muscles provides a platform that supports all other movements and acts to prevent future injury. Why water? When performing exercises on the Eau-Me Board the slightest unbalanced movements causes water to shift inside the polycarbonate tank. The flow of water causing the board to become unbalanced. It is down to the user to stabilise the board, balancing their weight to counteract the moving water. In contrast to other balance boards, this provides a more challenging workout that will build strength in core and stabilising muscles. A more challenging workout than other balancing boards At a Glance • New generation balance board • Build core stability and strength • Moving water adds an extra dimension to balance training • Available in a range of sustainable hardwoods • Handmade in Germany

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