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SlimBeam Spec Sheets

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Matthias Steiner,

Matthias Steiner, Olympic weightlifting champion, fitness and nutrition coach (www.steinerprinzip.com). A true NOHrD Fitness enthusiast, he has fully outfitted his home gym with NOHrD equipment. SlimBeam Training NOHrD SlimBeam cable ratios can be set to enable pulling up to a length of 8m – ideal for conditioning a golf or tennis stroke. Stacking the rubberized weight plates and varying butterfly adjustments will increase your workout’s intensity. Advantages of cable training: - increases your coordination - multiple muscle groups worked simultaneously - increases stability - increases core strength through continuous core engagement - adjustable features provide wide range of motion during exercise Extension 3:1 cable ratio kg 2:1 cable ratio kg 1:1 cable ratio kg Single 0,83 - 12,50 1,25 - 18,75 2,50 - 37,50 Double 1,65 - 25,00 2,50 - 37,50 5,00 - 75,00 The cable ratio can be changed by the amount of rolls set for use. The SlimBeam can be converted for this, requiring a separate cable.

SlimBeam Accessories Exercise bench features foldout legs, black Artificial leather 15214 Genuine leather 15215 Pull-up bar Black 15228 Ash 15229 Club 15230 Oak 15232 Cherry 15233 Walnut 15234 Extension handles Black 15208 Ash 15222 Club 15223 Oak 15225 Cherry 15226 Walnut 15227 Equipment adapter The equipment adapter is attached to the front bar and is height-adjustable. 15201 Aluminum lat bars Lat bars made of featherweight aluminum with a ribbed surface for an optimal grip. Use for back, upper core and lat exercises. Length: approx. 120 cm, approx. 52 cm. Long bar 15216 Short bar 15251 Ankle strap Made of high quality artificial leather with felt lining. Natural 15207 Black 15250 Cleaning set 3x microfiber cloths, 1x abrasive fabric 1x wood care oil, 1x metal emulsion 15210 Lubricant For use in case of pulling hitches. Content 400ml. Lubricates and protects. 15211 Cable for ratio Available in different lengths for various transformation ratios. (3:1 is standard length). 3:1 ratio 15204 2:1 ratio 15205 1:1 ratio 15206 Electronic training system * Includes universal tablet holder (android) for sizes up to 13“. Main frame only / tablet not included. 15236 Ceiling clamp Use for various ceiling heights. 232 - 242 cm 15218 241 - 259 cm 15219 258 - 276 cm 15220 Lat upgrade set Extension for pull-up bar by 2 wheels for lat exercises. 15217 * The SlimBeam is delivered with pre-installed sensor technology. Only SlimBeams containing this technology can be used with the electronic training system. If you own an older model SlimBeam, the sensory technology can be ordered as a conversion set. Please inquire by telephone.

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