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NOHrD Wallbars Spec Sheets

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WallBars Accessories

WallBars Accessories Multi-Adapter Extension provides multiple grip and exercise possibilities to complete your workout. Dimensions: approx. 70 cm x 50 cm x 34 cm (W x D x H) Weight: approx. 5.5 kg, made of wood / metal Double Handle Support Place the Multi-Adapter into the rungs, both grip bars facing forward, for exercises such as pull-ups, hanging pull-ups, knee raises and ab crunches. Single Cross Bar Support Place the Multi-Adapter into the rungs, cross bar facing forward, for further exercises such as triceps dips or toe jumps (bottom rung). Ash 12200 Club 12201 Oak 12218 Cherry 12202 Walnut 12203 FOLDOUT BAR LOCK (2X / SET) Installed to replace the included overhead foldout bar fixing bracket. Use the adjusting knob to set the foldout bar into closed position to allow full hanging capacity. 12240 EXTENSION NOHrD WallBars can be extended in height by 21.5 cm. The extension bar can be easily mounted onto the WallBars (bottom rung). Ash 12212 Club 12214 Oak 12219 Cherry 12215 Walnut 12216 EXERCISE BENCH Can be hung onto any rung up to 95cm for various angles. When hung flat onto WallBars, functions as back support. This is also ideal storage position. Dimensions: 136 cm x 33 cm. GL Schwarz 12220 AL Schwarz 12221 GL Rot 12222 AL Rot 12223 GL Braun 12224 AL Braun 12225 GL Natur 12226 AL Natur 12227 GL = Genuine leather, AL = artificial leather

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