3 years ago

NOHrD Wall Spec Sheets

  • Text
  • Integrated
  • Suitable
  • Modules
  • Wallbars
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Fitness
  • Width
  • Nohrd
  • Module

Modular Fitness System

Modular Fitness System Introducing our complete exercise wall with an integrated, virtual training system and up to 5 freely combinable modules, for short, high-intensity interval training, with a combination of different functional training workouts. The NOHrD Wall is a luxury, allin-one fitness system for limited available spaces. In keeping with today’s trend toward functional designs for organized spaces, this ultimate exercise station is designed to meet your highest demands in terms of workout variety and aesthetic appeal. Designed as an entire fitness solution, the NOHrD wall is suitable for the home gym, health clubs and personal training studios. The NOHrD Wall further proves to be a choice selection for hotels, looking to offer exclusive, in-room exercise options for their guests. The main unit features the virtual training system with an interactive digital Coach, combining all NOHrD Wall modules and leading the user through pre-configured workouts. Users can select from interval or functional-training workouts, as well as desired training time and intensity level.

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