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NOHrD Bike Spec Sheets

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Luxury Indoor Cycle

Luxury Indoor Cycle Introducing the NOHrD Bike – an indoor cycle with an innovative, aesthetic design adhering to our continuous high demands on functionality. Using advanced planetary gearing with a solid wood and steel frame, this bike is extremely durable, perfectly suited for professional use in the fitness studio or home gym. Having pursued a minimalist, sleek design inherent to athletic cycling, the NOHrD Bike boasts an impressive, clear structure with a distinct flow. Cyclists will appreciate being able to train in both an upright or racing position, for which the handlebar provides various grip possibilities and can be adjusted for a range of cycling angles. The NOHrD Bike technical features include an innovative planetary gear unit, as well as a smooth, wear-free brake technology based on eddy current, guaranteeing extraordinary durability. Pedal stroke resistance is precise and infinitely variable by turning the setting-disc. Designed for maximal stability within minimal space, the NOHrD Bike requires a mere 0.44 sq meters, seamlessly fitting into any interior environment. The foot sections are further equipped with rubberized rollers for easy positioning and storing. The NOHrD Bike comes in a selection of various wood, suitable for all interiors. Compact planetary gear unit with a 1:8 ratio and freewheel backpedal. Includes tablet holder feature for tablet accessory and performance data overview.

Cycle Training & App Cycling has long been among the frontrunners of home and indoor fitness - easy to perform and highly effective. The ideal low-impact activity, stationary cycling protects the hip, knee and ankle joints, while enabling you to build muscular endurance. Turning up pedal resistance will effectively work your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves to increase overall strength and thus improve your ability to perform every day physical tasks and activities. Hindered by weather conditions, time of day or lack of equipment? The NOHrD Bike provides the perfect cardiovascular indoor exercise with calorie burning effects. As with a “runner’s high”, a stationary cycle workout can achieve the release of endorphins to lower overall stress levels and trigger your body’s immune resistance. Indoor cycles are justifiably highly popular pieces of fitness equipment, as a workout will mirror classic outdoor cycling in function. Indoor cycling is user-, as well as beginner- friendly, can be performed from the comfort of a sitting position and is easy on the joints. With the NOHrD Bike you will be selecting a high-end indoor cycle for your home fitness routine. Plan your cycle workout according to your immediate time frame and demands on challenge - with or without our app feature. The standard NOHrD Bike models feature a tablet holder for use of the Bike App. For our pre-designed cycling workouts and performance data overview, select between or standard NOHrD Bike models for home use, featuring phone/ tablet holders for users’ personal devices to access the NOHrD Bike App. The specially developed app records your cycle workout data and transmits to your tablet via Bluetooth, enabling you to precisely track and analyze personal performance. Choose your workout: free training, scenery rides, cyber cycling courses and general cycle workouts. Set your tablet/phone directly into the handlebar’s fixture. The App is free of charge for iOS and Android tablets. iPad compatible (iOS 10.2 or later version); Android requirement: 5.0 or later version.

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