4 years ago

Hedgehock Spec Sheets

  • Text
  • Hedgehock
  • Wooden
  • Individually
  • Suspended
  • Stool
  • Surprizingly
  • Structured
  • Geometrical
  • Exterior
  • Counterbalance

Strong Lines, Soft Core

Strong Lines, Soft Core A structured, clear and geometrical exterior counterbalance a flexible, moveable interior: the HedgeHock creates a harmony of dynamic and static equilibrium. Your body will shape its own mold in the wooden block surface, enabling a true ergonomic sitting position. It defies logic to think that natural wood can be comfortable- the HedgeHock is, however, a unique sitting experience! The 49 solid wood blocks are individually spring suspended within the outer wood cube. The HedgeHock is a true interior design highlight, sure to attract attention in the home, office, hotel, waiting room or any other sitting area. 49 individually spring suspended seat blocks shift and conform to any user. Unique sitting experience in a distinctive design. Available in our selection of wood - individual seat blocks are made of solid wood. Model Order No. Ash 16100 Club 16102 Oak 16112 Cherry 16104 Walnut 16106

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